about the artist

to paint is to
conceive images of raw poetry
conjure emotion on tangible surfaces
pose a particularly personal question,
then bravely reveal the answer
in mineral blue and  australian sap green
to paint is to
to play jazz in my head while
i listen with my eyes.
risk riffing-off canvas like Ella and Satchmo
as paper and brush scat-sing with
untuned tubes labeled heavy, soft, flow,
to mark-make a score that
is subjective to anyone who
stands in front of it or
walks by it
likes it
loves it
dismisses it,
to ardently participate in unique creation
akin to the big bang 
to paint is
speed dating with one experiment after another
a mad love affair with curiosity

a committed marriage of infinite exploration 

to paint is the closest i’ll ever come
to afternoon tea with the Dali Lama,
the closest i’ll ever come
to knowing myself.
Ebeth Scott-Sinclair ©2018

"I am fascinated and driven by the exploration (curiosity) and experimentation (play) of the creative process.  My personal process is organic and emotion driven. A typical piece begins with a context created by applying layers of acrylic paint and found materials on canvas, paper, repurposed book pages, or wood.  Scratching into the layers (sgrattito) opens archeological windows, revealing a cohesion between the images from first to last. Color, texture, free-form and defined shapes, movement and mark-making are characteristics of my work.”


Ebeth Scott-Sinclair is a contemporary artist, poet, and singer/songwriter.  Her work has been contracted by businesses and nonprofits, featured in magazines, books, and journals and represented by galleries throughout the southeastern United States.  She lives in North Carolina.